Another 12 Things

  1. I’m a New Zealander.  I started out in banking and was one of the first female bank managers in New Zealand. I realized eventually that banking was not for me.  The entertainment world beckoned.
  2. I love my job.  I love the people I have the honor of representing. I love the variety of work opportunities I see every day and I especially love when a confluence of events results in a booking for one of my hard working clients.
  3. I am a perfectionist – which can be problematic but I do my very best to control it.  Imperfect action is better than no action at all.
  4. I believe success as a performer at whatever level requires education. To fully experience the industry in all it’s weirdness, to rock the opportunities as they are presented and to create magic, you must understand it and the people who work in it – the non-performers, the creators and the decision makers.
  5. I love to help and advise people – it is my favorite thing to do but I am a New Zealander and I do struggle with pushing my views on others. Ask for help – please.
  6. Communication is vital. I can’t always take your calls but I am very quick to respond to email and text and I do try to return calls the same day.
  7. Trust is also vital. You must trust me to believe in you and do my best and I must trust you to believe in me and do your best.
  8. Yes I sell stuff….specifically and only an online course on The Village Online. This course is for anybody who is serious about becoming a working professional actor.  It contains all the information I wish I had time to tell each individual client but I don’t – and it changes A LOT AND OFTEN. It’s easier to update one source.
    Why do we charge for it? Because we want to work with those who understand that investing in their career is necessary.
  9. When I choose to work with a performer, I do so with bucket loads of hope. It doesn’t always work out. Such is life and no-one is perfect but you can be sure I tried my hardest to make it work with the tolls I have been given by the performer.
  10. I don’t work with or acknowledge haters, trolls or intolerant people….no exceptions.
  11. I am plain spoken. What you need to hear is what you will hear. It will not always be what you want to hear.
  12. I love to travel. Lucky for me the industry and my job is global so I am not tied to any one region – and neither are you.