My passion is empowering performers to be the best they can be. Everything I do comes from that passion.


I’m a New Zealander.  I started out in banking and was one of the first female bank managers in New Zealand. I realized eventually that banking was not for me.  The entertainment world beckoned.

As a talent manager for over 30 years, I have seen thousands of actors come and go. It is a sad fact that around 3% succeed. It’s not because of the industry but because many aspiring performers and actors don’t understand the industry and what is required of them.  I want to change that statistic.

I love to help people realize their dreams and so have taken a squiggly road and started The Village Online, an online school and community for performers. The Village will enable people from all walks of life, no matter their age or location, have access to the best advice and support as they build a career in acting or entertaining. 

I am at heart an entrepreneur, dedicated learner, educator, motivator, blogger, expert consultant, passionate traveler and mother to two amazing sons and their equally amazing partners.


I love animals, reading, optimism, good humor and great food.