Are you asking the right questions?

Every day most of us wake up with the thought that we want to improve something in our lives today.

But what?

And how?

So, we ask ourselves “what can I do” in a frustrated, disillusioned way.

“My life isn’t how I imagined it would be by now”

“I thought I’d be achieving more”

But what we should be asking is “what can I do to help others”

Now I know what you are thinking right now – but bear with me.

Let’s say an actor thought “what can I do to make the casting directors job easier”

Then your “what can I do” has a purpose that is to make the casting directors job easier

To do what?

To see who you are and how you might be right for their next role.

So how can you make that happen?


When you prepare for an audition do you think

“Ok this is how I would do this”

When you should be thinking

“What do they want this to look like and why”

“What are they looking for from me”

Not “what can I bring to this”

We all tend to think from a me-centric place and I get that.  I too am guilty.

But if we change that and think what we can do for others then isn’t that a better, more fulfilling and probably more effective way of helping ourselves.

Try it. Let’s all try it and see what happens.