Are you mired in mediocrity?

Are you mired in mediocrity?

Do you feel like you are walking in a fog and not being the best you can be?

Do you wake up every day knowing you have to make changes and take action to achieve your dream but at the end of the day nothing has changed.

Life got in the way.

Work got in the way.

People got in the way.

It is a sad statistic that 3% of people achieve their true potential and, as I have spent practically my entire adult life on the business side of the entertainment industry, it is a fact in the entertainment world that 3% of those who call themselves a performer (actor, singer,, dancer, musician etc.) make a liveable wage or more. 3%!!


Is it because the opportunities are not there?

Well I know they are. For actors there are new roles every day. In business there are thousands of opportunities every day.

So, what is happening? What is going wrong for you?

Are you actually doing the things you need to do to be successful in your chosen field?

Do you know what you have to do?

Look at the people who do make it. If one can do it why can’t others, why not you?

Let’s talk about sport for a minute. In the 1940’s, the mile record was pushed to 4:01, where it stood for nine years, as runners struggled with the idea that, just maybe, the experts had it right.  Perhaps the human body had reached its limit.

In 1954 Roger Bannister ran a 4minute mile – in fact he ran a sub 4-minute mile (3:59.4).

So, let’s talk about the hard work, the perseverance and the preparation he put in so that when the opportunity presented itself and the race conditions met his prepared state, he achieved the seemingly impossible.

Within a year after he did it, so did 24 others.

The reason? Certainty

So, hard work, perseverance, preparation and then the rest is in your mind. Your sub conscious likes the status quo. It’s safe. It feels comfortable there.

Even when you are bemoaning loudly the lack of success, the lack of progress, your sub conscious is saying – it’s OK, be grateful. You don’t need to strive for more.

The truth is thousands “make it” in their chosen field. Probably millions.

So, why not you?

Is it fear?

What are you scared of?


Look how many successful performers we have now and have had over the years. Very few had an easy road. Most struggled for years. But they believed and they achieved.

Research shows that the biggest problem we have in our quest for fulfilment and success is who we surround ourselves with because naysayers are the bane of our lives.

And most of it comes from family and friends – the well-meaning, those who love us.

“Why can’t you just get a normal job with a steady income?”

“Why don’t you go to Uni and figure out what you want to do by studying more?  Get something to back you up in case your first option doesn’t work out. “

Or for actors “go to drama school if you must but you know it’ll be a waste of time and then you’ll have to start again while all your friends are working and making money”.


“There are thousands competing for the job, you might not be good enough for this one”.

In other words, they are protecting you from failure and hurt. They don’t mean to hold you back. They are fearful for you.

True there are thousands competing but why aren’t you good enough?  They think they are.  Why don’t you think you are?

Fear.  Not your fear.  Someone else’s fear.

Your friends or family are trying to help and disclaimer herenot all friends and family are like this but within your immediate group there will be some and their voices are loud.

Their voices are loud and they talk directly to your internal insecurities and fears so your mind says yes they are right, I am being foolish.

Even when you are taking action, studying, creating, dreaming and planning; the voices clamour for attention and in the end 97% of you give in to them and give up or settle for a mediocre version of your dream.

There are tens of millions of people of all ages, wanting to make a difference, change the world in some small way, live their dream and reach others while they do it.

Because happy, fulfilled people can make a difference in our cynical world.

So why not be one of those people?

Don’t let the naysayers put you off, don’t let the statistics put you off.  Ignore the naysayers and change the statistics.

You are given one life and take it from someone who has lived a good portion of their life (but not by any means all of it), if you are not fulfilled then you are not contributing in any meaningful way.

Imagine if everyone who wanted to change, did change. As you evolve, so will the world.

We all complain about no opportunity, no time, no money, no help but the truth is they are excuses.

Allow yourself to embrace change, evolve, learn about the industry you dream of being a part of and what you need to do to be successful, embrace the fear – yours and others

and take action. The actions you take don’t have to be perfect.  Imperfect action is fine.  Don’t overthink it just take one small step every……single…

Give the world something special – your version of special.